Saturday, 5 September 2015

Issue 1837: Some delays

Due to circumstances beyond our control some readers may not get this week's edition until Wednesday 9th September. 

Delays in the supply of paper due to holiday staff shortages at our regular suppliers meant we had to order emergency stock at very short notice from a new company. The paper we use has to be cut-down to size and this always means that there's a normal five day gap between order and supply. We had hoped to receive the new order by 5th September. We have now been informed that the earliest we can expect delivery is  late on Monday 8th September.

We were able to print most of the New Worker run on Wednesday night on our remaining stock. All individual subscriptions have been posted. Most but not all of the multiples have gone out. Some bulk orders and overseas postings have not been dealt with. They all will be immediately sent out as soon as we can resume printing.

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